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Download the Forrest Gump Mixtape - Lotti

It's finally here! Click Here to download Lotti - Forrest Gump - The Mixtape The above link is a zip file that contains the entire mixtape.

Forrest Gump Mixtape Coming Soon

I'm in the studio making last minute changes on the mixtape. Be ready for the download link tomorrow night! Forest gump 8.1.13 coming tomorrow

About Lotti

Born February 19th, 1989 in Detroit, MI, LaMund  "Lotti" McPherson Jr. had two options in his life; become a rapper, or fall victim to the streets he had no choice but be raised in.

The oldest of 12 siblings, "Lotti" started writing his life at the age of 10. On the Eastside of Detroit, "Lotti" watched his father struggle with the pressure of the dope game and prison, while his mother fought the addiction of alcoholism. more...

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